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Westport Appliance Repair Service LLC, offers great parts support! We can help locate parts for washers, dryers, oven and stove repairs, refrigerator, dishwasher, TV, video and audio in the greater Fall River, SE Mass and RI areas.

Appliance Parts.
Let our experts help you identify and order the right washing machine or clothes dryers repairable items that you need. Identification and fast ordering is easy. Call us we are your best expert local source for washer, dryer, oven, range, and refrigerator parts. We carry common repairables and have access to a vast network of suppliers for all major brands. We've got what you need. Choose from our huge selection of maintenance and service items for washers, dryers, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher items and more.


  1. Washer Parts: Agitator Kits, Pumps, Motors, Knob, Lid Switch, Timer, Washer Inlet Valve
  2. Dryer Parts: Ignitor, Motor, Lint screen, Belt, Idler Pulley, Heat Element, Thermal Fuse, Door Catch Kit,
  3. Dishwasher Parts: Installation kits for dishwashers, Fill Drain Hoses, Control Board, Panel, Dish-rack, Dish Rack Rollers, Door Hinges, Power Cord, Pump Motor, Spray Arm, Inlet Water Valve, Water Hook-up, Drain Hook-up, Water Fill Hose.
  4. Oven Parts: Gas or Electric parts
  5. Refrigerator Parts: Door Gaskets, Ice Makers, Thermostats, Compressors, Fan Motors, Shelves, Control Boards, Water Filters.

In addition to the items listed we offer many more replacement parts. Call us for more information 508-646-2700.

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